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Vuze allocates HD space before DL is even started. Can I change this behaviour?
Vuze USED to download torrent files bit-by-bit [or byte by byte, or nibble by nibble, however it does it].... For example, a 10 GB download would start at Zero Bytes and grow towards 10 GB as it downloaded.  Now it seems the behaviour of Vuze is to  ALLOCATE 10GB straight away.So a 10 GB download that has downloaded ZERO bytes of data will have 10GB of hard disk space allocated to it immediately ;  This space can no longer be used for other activities .  This is very frustrating. Why is this the case ?

This is one of the behaviours I used to really hate about BitComet when I used to use that many years ago.  Is there a way to change this behaviour back to the old style ? 

In the Tools / Options tab, there is a window containing "type filter text".

Enter "allocate" in that window.

You should then see the option(s) for turning this feature on or off.

PS. "Why is this the case ?" you ask.
It's so you don't run out of disk space before the torrent is fully downloaded.
Seems a good idea to me!
GigaCheers , Sir RogerTheDodger !
Very much appreciated (:

Embarrassingly, it appears this one could have been solved with a fairly simple google search , but I didn't think it would come up so easily ;
and I'm suffering info-overload from other stuff presently
More specifically , the Vuze wiki details the exact option :

So for anyone else with this problem :
Open Vuze Preferences Window --> "Files" tab in sidebar --> check box "enable incremental file creation"

My way of managing HD space for torrents is just to keep an eye on my disk space, often noticeable just through speed lag, [or wait until my hard drive says it is full] ,
and then to spend some time moving certain things to an external drive.
It would never occur to me that preventing my HD from operating based on torrent files that haven't been downloaded yet would possibly a good idea.... but I guess it is a good idea for some people !
Glad to help! I used to let Vuze increase the file size the same way as you want it to do, until I got in a right old mess with no disk space left while doing something else at the same time.

So that's why I changed. But now I have about 12 TB of disks attached, it's not really a problem any more :D .

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