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Vuze Won't DL Unless Tixati Sees The Torrent
Hey all,
     This is confusing the hell out of me.  I've switched to Vuze because I like being able to bind the program to my VPN adaptor.  But when I try to download anything it fails.

If I run the network status plugin it says that everything is fine.

Now here's the weird part.  I'm using the same download directory that I used for Tixati.  If I start a download, Vuze will see the seeds and peers but not connect to any of them.  If I then drag the .torrent file into Tixati, Tixati will verify the .torrent and connect to seeds, at which point Vuze will have no problem seeing the seeders and will start downloading the files.
Why would this happen?  Any ideas?

Well, 99 views and no one has any ideas. Am I asking in the wrong forum?

If you turn on logging (tools->options->logging) and open the console (tools->console) what connection errors do you see when Vuze is failing to connect to peers?

Are these public torrents? Can you test with ?
Add me to the queue.  "Downloading" but nothing.  :(

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