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Vuze Web Remote - Access Denied
When clicking "Click to test connection" in the Plugins > Vuze Web Remote settings
"Connecting to http:m.y.i.p:9091 -> Failed: HTTP request failed: HTTP/1.1 403 BAD

When navigating to
"Access Denied"

I can verify that changing any and all settings in the Vuze Web Remote do not affect this, e.g. changing the port to 59091 or changing the access from "all" to "local".  When changing the port in particular to something not 9091, trying to check/navigate port 9091 gives the expected failure/timeout messages.  Windows Firewall is also disabled, and there should be no programs blocking access.
Configuring secure pairing has enabled me to see the web interface ( when I enter my local machine's remote access code and password on my local Vuze client's Vuze Web Remote plugin, but still fails all tests above and does not allow connections from the Android Vuze Remote.  

Attempting direct secured connection:
    Failed: Tunnel unavailable for a further 16s due to failure, HTTP GET for failed, Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL:
Attempting proxy secured connection:
    Connected: Remote Vuze version=, plugin=0.5.8
Created client proxy on port 51730

I get a connection refused when trying to pull up that site from within my network using the internal IP (, or forwarding 51730 to the device and trying to access that site from externally (http://m.y.i.p:51730).  It is only viewable locally.
Resetting all config options back to default and re-enabling pairing fixed the issue.  Not sure what I changed, but Vuze very much didn't like it.

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