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Vuze UI slows to a crawl with lots of torrents
I have about 260 torrents loaded in Vuze (most seeding). Vuze starts up fine, and starting/stopping all the torrents is fine. However, when I try to add a new torrent, it's very slow, and as I add more torrents, it gets slower and slower until about 10 torrents in, it will just lock up. Same thing happens if I try to add a bunch at the same time, or try to remove a torrents. I have to restart Vuze every time after I've added/removed a few torrents in order for it to be usable.

The strange thing is, it seems to affect Windows in general. It will make other programs run really slowly until it's done adding all the torrents or I kill it. Any ideas?
You need to increase the amount of memory Vuze is allocated once you hit between 200 - 500 torrents.  I think on Windows you can do that via a setting.

You have to do it by manually editing a file on a Mac so I can not talk you through that . . . but let me see if I can quickly find instructions for Windows.

Here I found it really easily (that was unexpected)

Good luck and let us know if that fixed your problem so that the next person who has this issue knows if it worked for you or not!
My memory settings are already quite high. Direct size is set to 512mb, and heap size is set to 5GB. I checked permgen usage, it's not an issue either. Something else is throwing a wrench into the works.
can you grab a '' via the Help menu's last option and email it to (select 'manual send') - I'll take a look

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