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Vuze Search Templates

I have a couple of questions about Vuze Search Templates:

Where could I find new and up to date templates?
The ones I currently have don't seem to work and my meta searches don't bear any results. 
I can't seem to find anything more recent than 2011 or so.

How hard is it to create new templates?
I have a long list of websites I wish to include in my meta searches, but no templates are available.
I'm not a programmer, but I'm not too dim either, so I was wandering whether I could learn somewhere.

Many thanks for your advice!



The templates that dont come with the application, are made by users, so their maintenance shall be borne by that creates and maintains, as already creating templates, there is an article on the wiki:
I understand.

I will look at the link you provided, thank you for your help.

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