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Vuze LAN Peer not working
I am currently running two copies of Vuze, one within Windows7Pro (x64) and the second within a XP Mode session on the same computer.

The reason for the setup is that I am using a SOCKS proxy with RC4 encryption on the Win7Pro and the XPMode session is running without RC4 encryption.

The intent is to use the SOCKS proxy as the primary for the majority of the torrent downloads with forced RC4 encyption, but for those few torrents where the one seed has not enabled encryption to let it go unencypted. Then the intent was to sync the two Vuze copies into a single file via the LAN sync.

I know that XP Mode is not the best choice for this (due to WindowsXP being no longer secure, network communication issues, etc) but I thought I would give it a shot. After much research in the forums and testing on my end, I can ping both the Host and the XPMode computers (.110 and .123, respectively) and both copies can see each other via the internet via the external IP addresses (the SOCKS and my personal IP), but there is no LAN communication between the two Vuze programs (they do not show as a peer under the LAN). I am encountering no issues with regular torrent sharing, just the LAN side. All Vuze settings have been returned to the default settings, except for the default file save locations, SOCKS settings, randomized TCP/UDP Port settings and a rule has been added on the DD-WRT router to allow port pass through.

Any ideas?•Host: Win7Pro (x64) XPMode:WinXPPro
•Both running Vuze
•Host: Norton Internet Security 21 XPMode: Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Firewall
•Linksys E4200 Router with DD-WRT (DD-WRT v24-sp2 (06/07/14) kingkong - build 22000M), NAT running
•Domain running via WinServer2012R2 on separate box.
•Using a Wireless Connection? No
•Do the Health status on your torrents have Green smilies? Host: Yellow, XPMode: Green
•XPMode placed into full trust mode with Norton, prior to this was unable to get ping to and from XPMode. XPMode network adapter has been changed from NAT to actual ethernet adapter. Both Vuze have had no changes to LAN speed rules in the settings. Domain and XPMode workgroup are the same name.

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