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Vuze Forums: Table formatting broken
Off-topic to Vuze itself, but regarding these here forums, formatting for the 'tables' feature appears to be completely broken. It will look fine in the WYSIWIG editor, but when the post is actually committed the formatting gets all messed up. Go into Edit, looks fine again in the WYSIWIG, and in Source mode, but still come'd out wrong. Preview does appear to show the damaged formatting as well.

Here's an example. The following is formatted as a two-column, one-row table:
This text is in the left-hand (first) column.This text is in the right-hand (second) column.

I swear I just spent 5 minutes on another post trying to get a table to format correctly, and it never would no matter what I did. Perhaps it has something to do with markup in the contents. I'll reproduce exactly what I was editing in that other post.

This is supposed to come out as a two-column, one-row table, with the left column blank and the text in the right one. (An attempt at doing poor man's indentation.)[td]Testing TCP port 44387 inbound
    Test failed: NAT test failed: Connection timed out (XX.XX.XX.XX:YYYYY)
    Check your port forwarding for TCP YYYYY[/td]
...Yeah, see, that one's broken. It appears that [ color ] tags (at least) inside a table screw up the formatting.
Hmm, dunno, the editor comes with MyBB :(
Yeah, I figured. Maybe I'll try and work out their bug-reporting process and shoot them a report.

Is the forum current with MyBB updates/patches/etc? I don't see any sort of version number anywhere, just "Powered by MyBB". (I'd hate to report an already-fixed bug, and they usually ask for specifics on what release a bug is being reported against.)
Their newest release appears to be this one, BTW, from... jeez, just two weeks ago.

MyBB 1.8.5, 1.6.17 & Merge System 1.8.5 Release

I don't see anything about this issue in that release's "Fixed issues" list, but then again I don't know what version the forum would be coming from.
Yup, I updated to 1.8.5 last week (I think) - pretty sure everything's up-to-date.
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As i see all works fine now!
[Image: got51.png]
(09-12-2015, 05:12 PM)'antonny_MV_91' Wrote: As i see all works fine now!
Unfortunately, not so much. The formatting in my OP to start the thread was never broken. If you look at my second comment (the one that starts with my exclamation of surprise regarding that previous fact), there's supposed to be a table in that comment, however it doesn't come out right. Even though it looks fine in the WYSIWYG editor.

Here's a screenshot from the WYSIWYG comment editor, showing how the table in my second coment should look:
[Image: Screenshot%20from%202015-11-19%2003-50-41.png]
It appears to be the color tags in the table contents that are breaking things, so just avoiding using colors inside tables is a workaround and makes this not so big a deal. But, still broken!
I finally got off my ass and posted about this issue to the MyBB community forums, though. That post is here:

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