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Vuze + DHT = Broken OpenVPN
I've been using Vuze for so long I still call it Azureus and all was well (apart from the occasional tweak) until mid-January when my VPN (IPVanish / OpenVPN) started to crash and not re-connect. I’ve been trying all sorts of things (with a little help from my on-line friends) without success.
The other day however, I ran a continuity test on the VPN and it ran seamlessly for hours. Then I tried Vuze and…crash! I went through the usual route of port forwarding but no change – تصویر: lightbulb.gif light build moment – I had gone through the setup procedure on the Vuze website in January because I’d been having some problems and one of the things I’d done was to add DHT.
DHT removed…no VPN crash.
I wanted to record my finding here just in case someone else has the same problem.

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