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Vuze Beta Updater not restarting
After a Vuse Beta update, the updater itself does not restart.  I have to click on the Vuze Beta Updater to manually start it.

Here's what happened just a few minutes ago.  Nothing was in the status window prior to that.

[23-Oct-2015 06:11:11]  Sucessfully auto seeded Azureus5621-B36.jar
[23-Oct-2015 06:11:09]  Auto Download not needed
[23-Oct-2015 06:10:59]  AZCVSUpdater Running...

The actual update and restart of B36 happened somewhere between 02:07 and 03:07, after the beta was released, but the updater did not restart until I nudged it at 06:10.

Just tested a B35->B36 update and it worked ok - gremlins perhaps?
Gremlins I guess, but B36 -> B37 was hung this morning.  One difference is that B37 did not auto seed.

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