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Vuze Beta Updater does not start automatically
I'm running Vuze Beta, presently at version
For some time now I've noticed that the Vuze Beta Updater doesn't start automatically when you start Vuze. Only when you open the updater window, the updater will start.
Did you change

Tools->Options->Interface->Start: Check for latest version when Vuze starts


The following boxes are checked:
  • Start UI before Core Initialization.
  • Check for latest version when Vuze starts.
  • Check for latest version periodically
  • Auto download updates and prompt when installation is ready
  • (greyed out) Automatically open the update assistant when an update is available.
Odd - I just ran Vuze with B33 installed (both Vuze and Classic UI) and on startup they updated to B34 straight away. Anything in your logs indicating failure to check for update? Look in the debug_1.log/debug_2.log files in the logs directory.
I haven't checked the logs yet, but I hardly ever see failures in the check for update process. Sometimes the server is not reachable, but that happens quite rarely.
The only thing I have to do for Vuze to start checking for updates, is to open the updater window.

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