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Vuze Automation
I was wondering if Vuze has any functionalities to make it more automated. I am looking to start an automatic sync between different machines running vuze. I would like for the machines to connect to each other and look to see if they have any new torrent files. If they find that they have a new torrent file I would want them to automatically recognize that they don't have it and download it. It would be something similar to Bittorrent Sync or Rsync but I want to only use Vuze. The three main things that I am looking for are...

1. New torrent file recognition
2. Automatic download of new torrent file

I would like to use only Vuze if possible. I know of other alternatives such as Btsync or Rsync but am not interested in using them. If any file transfer protocols are capable of doing this such as FTP, SFTP etc. I would also be interested in learning how to set that up. Any advice is appreciated.  
You can set up Vuze to create an RSS feed from a Tag (right-click on it and select the 'create local RSS feed') - you need to also enable this overall in Tools->Options->Local RSS etc.

You might want to create a Tag that automatically contains all downloads - see and use a constraint of 'true'

Then add the RSS feed to the other Vuze(s) as a subscription - click on the '+' next to the 'Subscriptions' entry in the sidebar and create a new RSS subscription using the other Vuze's RSS feed URL

Set the subscription to auto-download.

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