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Vuze - Installer BUG OS X
Please FIX the following Installer Bug from Vuze for MAC OS X ASAP, it has been if Vuze for already 3 !!!!!! versions BUT wasn't there BEFORE.

When i install Vuze and alse previosly reported &, it places an unvisible folder in my /applications/ folder which i see because I have invisible files always visible, .install4j/ it is named. Obviously /Applications/ is not the place for such a folder & the name of the folder suggests it's leftovers from a bad installer. However this folder seems a needed part for Vuze & Up, in previous Vuze applications & Lower this folder was placed in the application itself, a much better location for this folder & it's files. If you do need such a location outside the App this folder name is bad & suggests it's not main files from Vuze but maybe merely needed for auto update features.

So I Cleanup my Applications folder, remove  .install4j/ &  can't open Vuze any more. Vuze is a very tiny 255KB Application.

I also looked in my /library/... folder for a folder containing the Vuze executables & the Java 8 however i can't find any folder containing this, thats because all is in the .install4j/ folder in my /Applications/ folder.

If the contents of .install4j/ is needed by vuze, i think something is wrong. This folder should not exist, even not during install. I think you also added an /applications/Uninstall for this, if you place everything inside /applications/ like before an uninstaller would not be neccesarry, The location of an uninstaller should be on the diskimage (dmg) together with the installer, you unnessecarry clutter the /applications/ folder.

I suggest the contents of .install4j/ should be either;
-Inside /Applications/ (like before)

-In a folder named /Lbrary/Application Support/Vuze/

Deffinetly NOT in an hidden folder, deffinetly NOT inside /Applications/ unless inside /Applications/

I hope this will be looked at & fixed asap. I planned stopping use Vuze until further notice But found a solution myself. 

My Solution:

!!!!!!!!!! However My Solution tends to fail atm so i stopped using Vuze !!!!!!!!!

Install Vuze - this version still installs correctly, all file's are inside the bundle
Let this update to but not to & Up since install procedure change.
Then start moving individual files from the .install4j/ & folders from to to manually update this.I have to mention to not move the Plist files but rather manually edit changes in the original.

Edited the plist file so the Vuze version shown in Finder is Not
This should be a complete update, but ismall changes might still exist in the plist & other text files.
I now should have a working copy of Vuze in my /Applications but it still thinks it's version 5.7.10 & still wants to update.

!!!!!!!!!! However My Solution tends to fail atm so i stopped using Vuze !!!!!!!!!

Now i should be able to run Vuze without the installer mess that has no reason to be, i also proof this with my solution. Why did you make such a mess while you only needed to update your working installer from Vuze ??????

!!!!!!!!!! However My Solution tends to fail atm so i stopped using Vuze !!!!!!!!!

My solution is not for the random user, my luck is that i am somewhere between the random & the power user & was able to do this but what i did was delve into places where no normal user should come. Therefor the User need a good installer from you, not a difficult solution from me.

!!!!!!!!!! However My Solution tends to fail atm so i stopped using Vuze !!!!!!!!!
I would really like to know if this bug is accepted & being worked on.

I really feel the current situation is unacceptable & I have proposed several solutions;

- Return to previous situation where the file's are installed within the bundle which is placed in the user selected location during install & has a default location in /Applications/ - BEST SULUTION -

- Place the folder inside /library/Application Support/Vuze/ or /library/vuze/ & keep it visual instead of hidden.

- Do a bit of both of the above, place the files needed to run Vuze & not 3th party inside, Place the Java bundle in /Library/Application Support/ or in /library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/ & name it correctly ( jre-x.y.z.jre See Mac Java JRE-JDK downloads)

Please answer this, Developers
Post Updated for New Vuze Version

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