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Vuze 5.6 auto exit when switch focus from prompt
start seeing this issue only after update to 5.6 on Windows 7

these are the steps I did, not sure if it's exactly due to this

1. double click on a torrent file to launch Vuze with a prompt, but keep using current application, so Vuze started in background
2. switch focus to Vuze and prompt
3. enter some texts to the downlaod directory in Vuze prompt
4. switch focus to another application
5. Vuze disappeared
6. look at the torrent  file saving directory, saw the new torrent file and another .tmp file
7. manually launch Vuze
8. no download/task for the torrent file in step 1

forgot to mention that promoview was already disabled and Vuze had went through a couple restart since then
If you can please grab the latest beta jar (from - follow the instuctions for manually installing it from there. Then go to Tools->Options->Interface->Display and select the 'disable all use of the internal browser' option towards the bottom. See if this fixes the issue.

Its a work-in-progress at the moment...
Please check out
attach the hs_err_ logs (~50KB each)
the latest one was silent disappearance (crash) while downloading


 attached in zip. looks like 7zip and log files are not allowed.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 25.66 KB / Downloads: 1)
Those 3 crashes are 'random' - most likely a Java bug or an issue with your machine :(
these crash had never happened before I upgrade to Vuze 5.6
everything including JAVA was exactly the same with Vuze 5.5, but without the crash which makes me suspect something new in 5.6 is causing it

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