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Vuze plugin I2P Helper 0.4.16 does not perform valid query to i2p trackers.
parg\ dateline='\'1417370458' Wrote: The 'I2P Helper' plugin doesn't use I2P's HTTP proxy - it uses the external router's I2CP port only (default 7654)

Go to Tools->Options->Connection->Proxy and make sure you don't have ANY proxy specified there

Go to Tools->Options->Plugins->I2P Helper and make sure you have configured and enabled your external router's I2CP port towards the bottom.


now error is:
Quote:Error: Offline - UnknownHostException: Unknown host tracker2.postman.i2p
And i can not remove tracker tracker2.postman.i2p because without it torrent wont show up to users.
I see row plugin is providing fake number of peers (it shows 9 while tracker reports one or two working peers) and it does not update tracker, what i need.
I have no idea what you are doing, sorry.
(11-30-2014, 02:01 PM)'parg' Wrote: I have no idea what you are doing, sorry.


i removed proxy settings and tracker does not announce at all, that the point.


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