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Virus in Vuze update 5.6.2
One week ago, I pressed the "check for updates" button to download the new Vuze 5.6.2 update from within the client. Little did I know that the update executable inside contained a virus! When the installation finished an icon was inserted in my taskbar and when you clicked on it, it opened a window named "Malware Protection Live". I have searched for more information on this and I have found this link.

I have tried to contact Vuze Support about this issue by sending them an email, but there where no contact details on the website.

Now that I have found some time, I am writing this post here so as to inform other users about this incident to watch theirselves and get some information from someone that knows what is going on with this update. What has this virus done with my computer ?

This update 5.6.2 is still the latest one and I am pretty sure that more and more users are getting infected.

I have been using Vuze for 5 years, and all the trust I have been keeping for those years now vanished. I have uninstalled Vuze client and am willing to reinstall it only if it gets safe and depandable like the old times.
I got caught by this malware today. I can't remember where I got the Vuze version 5.7.1 installer from - I thought it was from Sourceforge, but cannot remember. Because this was "Vuze", I didn't consider clicking on the "Custom" install link. I was so sure that stuff from Sourceforge is safe.

My search engines were changed to Yahoo - all browsers - and the "Malware Protection Live" icon appeared on my task bar.

I spent a lot of time trying to get rid of everything, but in the end had to restore a System Image I made a few days ago.

I would very much like someone at Vuze to swear on a stack of religious books (I'm an atheist, by the way) that Sourceforge/Vuze do NOT add these products to Vuze installers.

I have just downloaded "Vuze_5720_Installer32.exe" from Sourceforge ( but, before I install it, I will make another system image, just to be safe.

So please Vuze developers, will you swear that you do NOT bundle this annoying stuff with your installers?

And, why don't you occasionally search the web for Vuze installers and post an announcement titled: "Don't Get Vuze From Here!"

Wouldn't be too hard, would it?


Before I posted the above, I tried but could not find the original version 5.7.1 installer that gave me this malware - it seemed to have deleted itself.
But curiously has just gotten the better of me and I found it on my "Utilites backup" disk.

It is called "Vuze_5710_Installer32.exe" and is dated 17/4/2016 - probably when I downloaded it.
Its hashes are:

MD5: 673DEEA1A4B3423F98E41364507AA65B
SHA-1: B37A2A94CCB7AAB52A2D67810D19EE5AB8A6A0AE
SHA-256: D248145E87E6AA033EC092FC11BCA2DFEA56A0F801A5879722E42043FD896B2A

AND it is exactly the same as the version on your web site now - I just downloaded it and compared them.

I would really like an answer to my question: Do you bundle this stuff with your installer?

I'm sure others would like to know too.

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