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Very Slow Downloads
I'm hoping someone can help me. I've recently downloaded Vuze into my laptop & today was the first time I needed to download something, the problem I'm having is that the torrents that are downloading are doing so extemely slowlyat 389b's the torrents have numerous seeds so that isnt the problem my Internet security software isn't affecting it I've checked that & Vuze is on the allowed list, I just cant seem to figure out why (1) they're downloading so slowly & (2) Why they're taking so long to actually start downloading anything from 30mins to 2 days ?? if anybody can help me figure this out I'd be very grateful. TIA [img=51x20]confused_smile.gif
Did you forward your torrenting port(s) in all of your firewalls.  (like the hardware firewall on your ISP supplied modem/router, and your OS firewall for example) -- this could explain why it is taking so long for you to start downloading.  On public torrent sites it is very common for most of the peers/users to also be unconnectible (meaning they do not have their ports forwarded in all of their firewalls either).

You might be getting traffic shaped:

first check here and locate your ISP.

then read this for suggestions on how to avoid your ISP's efforts (if necessary)

The words here and this are links ;-)

if you do not see anything there try running a galsnost test:

Traffic shaping would explain why your downloads are so slow.

I am assuming that your ISP provides you with far greater speed than 389 bit/sec (or is it Byte/sec???? which you are reporting) but if it does not then you do not really have a speed problem so you would probalby not be asking that question . . . but I have seen many people ask about why their speed is so terrible only to find after 2 or 4 or more days of asking questions that they are actually downloading at their maximum speed . . . so I have learned to ask early on in the troubleshooting process ;-)

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