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VUZE shows two system files after reassigning locations win 8.1
I recently assigned WINDOWS 8.1 system files DOWNLOAD, MUSIC, DOCUMENTS to a different drive.

So when I view in Windows Explorer, I see the DOWNLOAD, MUSIC, DOCUMENTS folders, only they now point to a different drive than the C: my system is installed on.

Everything works great on my system...EXCEPT for this one MINOR problem in VUZE:

Since I changed my folders, I lost my old DOWNLOAD torrent data file...ERROR DATA FILE MISSING.  So when I right-clicked the torrent name and chose Change Data File, the little VUZE window that pops up lableled BROWSE FOR FOLDER shows TWO of my system files for each folder in the little VUZE popup window, for example:

Windows correctly shows only show one system file, but VUZE shows two...
Very minor but still should be repaired for a future release of VUZE.



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