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VUZE eating all RAM, slowing the PC.. fixing a memory leak? or incorrect settings?
Vuze eats all the Ram available on a my windows 7 computers..
System is slowish and almost freeze because of no more RAM left available.

The Ram is being used  by "Memory-mapped files" not by Vuze process directly..
So i am using RamMap to map the invisible RAM used that doesn't show in the windows task manager ...
It shows over 6Gb of  "Mapped files" in the RAM usage count.

It seems these memory mapped files are uploading or downloading files used buy Vuze,
when checking the Files details in RamMap.

So I was wondering if this comes form a incorrect Options setting ...?
that i could change in Vuze maybe..?

I found a fix to the issue, but it seems a bit far fetched,
Using a program SetSystemFileCacheSize. that limits the RAM used by mapped files:
Usage is fairly simple:
Extract the .zip to the root of your hdd C:\
Open with comand prompt (typing: <cmd.exe> in start menu)

move to the hdd root directory (type: <CD C:\setsystemfilecachesize\x64\> )
Then type: <SetSystemFileCacheSize off 2048

First argument is the lower limit to cache, second argument the upper cache size limit.
Depending on how much memory one has other values may make more sense for them.
There's also a x64 version for values beyond 4G.

After this the computer works fast again!!

because the "Memory-mapped files" are limited to 2gb or ram for exemple,
and it has lots of Ram available to fonction properly..

But is this the best way to fix this memory leak ..?








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