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VPN woes
I'm using Vuze on an older Mac Pro (OSX 7.5) and I'm using TunnelBlick with BTGuard.  Everything has been working great for years.  

I recently upgraded TunnelBlick...and Vuze has been unable to download since then.

I'm still connecting to BTGuard just fine.

I've downloaded a new version of Vuze, I re-checked all my settings...nothing works.  All I get is a connection error.  If I try the "Test SOCKS" button in the Preferences>Connection>Proxy tab, I get the following message:

Testing SOCKS connection to
Connect failed, Network is unreachable

However, the SOCKS icon in the lower right corner of the window is green.

In the Sources tab, the status of all the trackers is: Error: Offline - SOCKS authentication failed
HTTP Seeds status is: Unavailable

All my torrents have a red health status and I show 0 seeds and 0 peers.

I'm outta ideas and could use some help.  thanks.
So you are running BTGuard over a VPN? If so perhaps you could try both in isolation (turn off the VPN, remove any network interface bindings you may have set up under Tools->Options->Connection->Advanced Network Settings and download some well-known torrent over BTGuard; clear all SOCKS settings, connect the VPN and do the same).

If they both work independently then I can't think why they wouldn't work combined :(

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