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VM memory usage
I was getting memory warnings and followed these directions. 

Windows there is a simple way to change the Heap size - go to tools->options. Make sure your 'mode' is at least 'Intermediate' under the 'Mode' options. Then go to the 'Startup & Shutdown' options and put your desired value (e.g. 192m) in the 'Max Heap memory size' entry and hit Save. You must restart Vuze for this to take effect. In the latest version (4505 beta) there is also an option for setting Direct memory.

I set my max heap memory to 250m and restarted but now vuze crashes upon start up. I think I maybe I could  have made an error and entered 25m instead of 250m. Does anyone know how to fix this.? I looked up changing this in the command line section but it was a little over my head so I think if someone can explain it like you're speaking to a 12 year old (ok, maybe even a 6 year old) 


You need to locate the 'vmoptions' file where your change will have been written.

Open a Windows Explorer and in the address bar enter


and hit return. There should be a file named 'java.vmoptions' in the folder that is displayed. Edit this with Notepad (for example) to change the max memory size to something sensible
This problem cropped up for me out of nowhere sometime last year.  Ran Vuze for a couple years, no problems.  Then seemingly out of nowhere, I started getting "out of memory" alerts.

I'm running Windows 7 on a 64-bit machine with 12GB RAM.  Yes, I've edited vmoptions.


When I've tried increasing beyond these levels, it doesn't start.  The alerts, of course, always say to give it more memory.  Is that even possible?

No, I'm not running very many torrents: 182 total, 46 active.  If I start uploading more, I'll start getting alerts.  I've been ignoring them.  Only once or twice have I seen slowdown.  

Are my vmoptions "sensible"?  What else can cause this?  Are the alerts correct?  I'd love to go back to seeding more.

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