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V5.7.5.1 B10_Bugs & features
Increased usage of CPU & memory found when large no of files are in Library or New tabs.
The Following workaround may be helpful to counter this for such users: The default view on startup can be for the pre-selected Tab in settings/ view. Or if Vuze can detect an abnormal crash happened previously, the software itself can force to open first in the tab with least no of files.
2) Vuze going to a unresponsive mode and going to a hang state when the files in no of torrents (Say 300) are change to "Do not download" state. Also the same happens when archiving large no of torrents.
However background i can see it is still working when checked in Windows " Resource Monitor". My observation is that in addition to the selected files or even after processing them Vuze is updating all the files present in the "AppData\Roaming\Azureus\active" folder. This is evident from the fact that all of those files (.dat) were carrying a modified to current date and the loop is not ending.
Finally I "Suspended" Vuze & terminated. Then restarted.
3) Can the .bad file extensions in "\AppData\Roaming\Azureus" be deleted. Are they of any use.

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