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V5.7.3.1 B24_Bugs
a) Categories listed in left Panel is not coming in alphabetical order.

b) Searching for Existing Files". Is it possible to have a box with options in Tools-> options so that we can enter the max no of files to be searched. Currently limited by software to 500.
Categories are deprecated, use Tags where possible
Category Plugin is not found to be listed. However Category items are still getting displayed. Please help

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Categories aren't implemented by a plugin, they are part of Azureus itself. Tags are a replacement for categories but there are still some cases (in old plugins for example) where categories are still used. As part of 'migration' categories have been modeled as a type of tag. Please just ignore them and don't use them - one day they will be removed, or at least hidden by default.
Thank you. Thread is Closed.

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