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V5.7.1.1 B22_Bugs
1) Organise-> Reposition is not working & goes into a hanging loop. Earlier it used to work smoothly with even 2000 torrents, when checked.
2) Link limit exceeded message is appearing when "Searching for Existing Files". Better to remove this or an option to select or deselect will be good.
1) Can't reproduce - although I don't have 2000 torrents I selected around 200 and it worked smoothly. Can you think of anything I might be missing?
2) The 'link limit' is to do with how many links (i.e. non-default pointer to file destination within a torrent) that Vuze can support without running into performance/space issues. It isn't a very simple thing to fix (the implementation goes back a long way and has rotted somewhat...) so that's why the limit is there. Annoying I know.
1) Sorry! mine was still the B21 version. No issues in B22.
2) Is it possible to have a box in options so that we can enter the value. That will be superb.
Sure, it'll be in the next beta - thanks
2) Looking forward for implementation
It is under Tools->Options->Files: Maximum file links per download
Thank you.
Can "Maximum file links per download" be renamed to "Search For Existing Data Files - Max File Links to Search For" for better clarity?
Not really as it applies to the maximum number of links under all circumstances - the fact that it also limits the 'search for existing files' is a by-product of this. cheers!
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