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Upload speed limits ignored?
Just recently (when I changed DSL modems) I discovered that Vuze no longer respects any upload speed limit I set.  This means that I can no longer seed using Vuze, because it uses so much bandwidth that my web browsing grinds to a halt.

My upload speed limit is set to 70kB/sec, but Vuze is constantly uploading at around 90kB/sec, saturating the upload bandwidth of my connection.  Right-clicking a seeding torrent and setting a per-torrent upload speed is also ignored, which means I can't limit some to very low values so that I can seed for a very long time without exceeding my transfer quota.

I have tried changing the option between delayed reads and request throttling but it made no difference.

What would cause Vuze to ignore the upload speed set?  V5.4.0.0 according to the about box, under Linux.



Just reporting that upgrading to V5.5.0.0 seems to have fixed this problem.  Global and per-torrent speed limits appear to be working again.
Oops, spoke too soon - currently uploading at over 100kB/sec with my speed limit set to 70kB/sec.  Right now Vuze says in the status bar at the bottom right "[70K] 112.4 KiB/s".

Is bandwidth limiting working for anyone else?

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