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Updating Search Sites list: 2 questions
(1)  It has been several years since I last updated the list of torrent sites for Vuze to search.  I don't remember how I did it; and I think the method has changed since then, anyway, due to multiple Vuze updates.  Can someone please tell me how do that?

(2)  Is there a good (up-to-date as of August 2016) list of torrent sites which SHOULD be added to the list of sites which Vuze searches?

Vuze does not upgrade third-party templates, templates of trackers that have contents that infringe copyrights can be added by third parties, not by the team of Vuze, now as the third templates for such sites, unfortunately no one that I know of to make them seem interested in updates them or create new, third party templates may be found in:

It is observed that they are old, the latest last year, some still work, but templates for KickAss trackers and Torrentz evidently do not work, because they were shot down.

How do I create/edit templates you can read here:

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