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Update to 5.7.5 has lost searches
A few weeks ago I updated Vuze, as I was being recommended to do. The search results comes in a different appearance and has 'download, details' highlighted beside it. The top search result is years old and not even close to what I searched for.
For example, I entered some keywords and the most common result was 'This Week In NASA' ... none of those words match what I typed in.
Also, when I am lucky enough to find a download I am looking for the vasy majority are not in English.
Sadly, Vuze is now nearly useless.
Any tips on how to get back to my happy dowloading?
Going directly to sites / trackers and doing the search there, most maybe all templates for pirated sites are no longer working, so if you're looking for this stuff, vuze will not find and then show other results. And no, vuze does not make templates for sites with pirated content, but users with knowledge to do so can create new ones or edit existing ones so that they work again, but no one volunteered for it so far, at least not mine knowledge.
Thanks for the tip.
Will editing my filter options, or the site template help?
If you want to know a bit how to edit templates or create new ones, read:

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