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Unresponsible lockdowns after stay in minimized state
I've done some editing in Azureus.exe.vmoptions to solve this emerged issue, as follows
....and as some time now process priority also in Below normal value to less intensive for system and long-term client work, as I think and if this really has effect of.

Besides I often updating swt, is causing the problem swt maybe?

Problem is, client just becomes unresponsible after staying some time in minimized state, and then very easy and quit closes with killing process in Task Manager, which very strange and indicative.

Recently like this is not even close observed. I'm yet suspect system's updates (64-bit Win 8.1).

So requesting good fixes for that, if anyone confirm or can reproduce or faced with.
Sounds like Vuze didn't get back up after CPU-related stuck due simultaneous CPU-intensive use, say, by Vuze, online-streaming web-site watching (in Firefox on Win 8.1, with 8 GB memory onboard, Adobe Flashplayer and Firefox's plugincontainer.exe processes) & openvpn.exe process, because in addition I'm on paid VPN service.

Is there any fixes to provide elegant solutions with these situations? Paul? Anyone?
Something is goin' up with this problem, now its just not possible bittorrenting, after some short time of startup running client become completely unresponsible due to CPU stuck. 
Check the thread_1.log and thread_2.log files to find out which thread is responsible... OR send me a file (Help menu, last option) -
Yes, thanks for reply with helping, debug sending is done, now I'm testing with VPN-off, looks like things began better.
I don't see anything obvious in the logs - in particular it doesn't appear that the Java runtime is using the CPU, thread usage is pretty low - perhaps it is your VPN software?

Software are Viscosity working as I said through openvpn.exe, i.e. whole network goes-routed via this single process, which itself high on CPU load (due to VPN-connection encryptions) + with other CPU-related combinations - Vuze & watching online-streaming.

Subject of the problem seems directly in that.
One more thing in this theme, now client just won't expand after staying some time in minimized state, Paul? Its client related problem or Windows?

System - Win 8.1 Ent 64-bit, Vuze - latest beta, swt - 64-bit 4.6M2 (was tried various versions), Java - 64-bit Oracle 8 Upd. 60.

Azureus.exe.vmoptions file contents...


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