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Unbalanced seeding
Greetings! A nonprofit I work for is throwing a LAN party in the near future. One of the problems at LAN parties is everyone getting the content they need to play when Internet bandwidth is limited. To aleviate this we usually have a few memory sticks or external hard drives we've passed around, but those get broken or go missing. At our last LAN we used Vuze as a local torrent tracker and distributed the content via an intranet page with Vuze as a backend. It was really successful, however we noticed a problem. The seed boxes we were using were not uploading anywhere near the same speeds as the tracker even though the seed boxes were set to unlimited uploads.

My question is, is there some way to get the seed boxes to contribute more upload? Do they all need to be set to super seeding? Or should I have each seed box act like a tracker and generate the torrents with multiple trackers?

As it is the tracker is uploading between 15Mbps up to 30Mbps per torrent, seeds are 500Kbps - 2Mbps. How can I maximize my speeds?

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