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Unable to Checkout Using PayPal
I'm not sure what's wrong, but when I try to purchase Vuze plus I get forwarded to the PayPal login screen.  I try to login and it appears to direct me to the new UI, asks for my password again, and then initiates 2FA verification.  I complete the 2FA and then I'm simply forwarded to an overview of my PayPal account.  I tried renavigating to page to purchase plus AFTER I log in but it just forces me through the same login workflow and I end up at an overview of my PayPal account.
Try unchecking or checking the "auto-renew" checkbox.  Paypal uses different payment forms for each type, maybe one of them works for you.  (If you don't want a subscription, you can still purchase a subscription and then immediately cancel the subscription from within PayPal)
So that worked, but it still required me to revisit the site.  I'm also concerned that you are losing customers and automatic renewals because of this.
Same for me. Spent a long, frustrating time trying to get this to work before finding this post.

Unticking the automatic renewals button worked for me.

Vuze should mention that it might not work on that page.

Or fix it so that it does!

I was so close to ditching Vuze because of how frustrating this was, and moving to another torrent client.

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