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Tried everything to make Vuze work but failed.
Hello Vuze forums.
I'm new to Vuze, I shifted to Vuze from uTorrent because it stopped working and now Vuze isn't working either. I have red smilies next to my downloads and an infinite ETA. I've figured out that the problem is a NAT/port forwarding problem, but I can't solve it.

I live in a hostel and we have five wireless routers/modems (I don't know the difference and I don't know which ones we have here). I'm almost always connected to the one nearest to my room, #1. Its IPv4 address in cmd ipconfig shows up as 10.0.x.x.  #2 and #5 are the only ones with IPv4 addresses like 192.168.x.x. I have no experience in IT but from the millions of guides I've followed, it appears that #2 and #5 are the routers I'm supposed to configure the port forward into: #5 is physically wired to #4, #1 receives its IP from #2. I'm so confused by this whole system... And it feels like I have a triple NAT problem instead of a double one.

Here's how it all started. uTorrent worked fine in the beginning. One day, after a power cut, the server went down and after it was fixed, uTorrent stopped working. The ports always came up as closed. I downloaded Vuze and it says my computer refused the connection. I've tried downloading with the I2P plugin but the speed is deathly low (2-3 kb/s).

While I was trying to do the port forward thing by myself, I'd try entering the external IP (103.x.x.x) of the second router (#1) into the first one (tried with both #2 and #5) but an error came up saying "Server IP address must be a LAN IP address". I tried port forwarding from #5 to #4 to #1 using five and four's internal 192.168.x.x address but that hasn't worked.

Here are some details the Vuze Wiki page on NAT problem said I might be asked.
OS: Windows 8.1
Java version: Version 8 Update 45 (build 1.8.0_45-b15)
Exact make and model of router: #1 through #4 are NETGEAR WGR614v10 and #5 is a NETGEAR JNR1010
Does the router employ UPnP and MAC binding? I've seen options for UPnP on all the routers' pages (and they all showed Vuze/uTorrent), so yes. Not sure about MAC binding.
Firewalls/antivirus? None, just Windows Defender. Vuze and uTorrent are in the exceptions.

Additional info: I've restarted the UPnP device host from Windows services and I have no idea why the ports closed after the server downing was fixed. I'm really hoping someone here can help.

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