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Torrents Blocked
Is there any new templates available as my search torrents are blocked. I cannot download anything since last week
This is a very common issue.  Vuze, as an organization, does not support any other search templates than those that are natively available within the program (which are next to worthless). 

You will have to do a Google search  for Vuze search templates, unless you are capable of dealing with json expressions, etc. (but I am not).  The problem is that most of the templates you will find when you do a search are years old and many link you to defunct sites.  I have not found any that are less than 3 years old.  Download them and add them to your subscriptions and hope for the best.  See if you get results. Be forewarned, I have had very sketchy results from Torfeat templates, and those too are years old.

If you get no results, it may be a simple fix by replacing the old address with the new one, e.g.  --->  Many sites need to change there URL for various reasons.  This can be attempted by right clicking on the template (which is now in your subscriptions after adding it) and choose change url.  Make sure to realize that the new edited search template will be hidden in your subscription, so open all subscriptions by double clicking subscription in the side bar, find the new edited subscription and press view.  (The old unedited one will still be there with an (old) next to it.)

I also suggest you go to the specific sites you want to search and see if they have a vuze search template or an RSS feed.  Most will not have one or both, but it is worth a try.

Not knowing what you are searching for makes it difficult to add any other suggestions.

Finally, I join you and a host of other users in pleading to SOMEONE, with more code writing experience, to please create and provide up to date search templates.
If you look at the code of torfeat templates, they include monetization (e.g.: adfly) addresses for websites, I particularly do not like that.

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