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Swarm Merge + Add suffix to incomplete files
The first torrent to complete a file will remove the suffix BUT the seond torrent is still looking for a file with the suffix so it creates a new one and downloads everything again until it tries to rename the file by removing the suffix resulting in an error.

ok, deselecting 'Add suffix to incomplete files' in options will fix this, but is there any way to do both?
Does this happen every time? I've not managed to reproduce it but looking through the code I can't see anything obvious that could lead to this happening as the logic that does the file merging doesn't operate directly on files but at a level that should make the file suffix removal invisible.
Yes it happens every time
Never happens for me :(
Actually it did not happen for me today with a one-file torrent, but has happened several times with full DVDs.
I just thought of something that may be affecting things. The torrents are on (separate/different) private trackers (probably not an issue) but I retarget them so that they point to the same file(s) on my HD. They are genre groups that tend to have low numbers of peers for long periods so the swarm merge can really speed up a download. I also want to seed to both trackers after the download is complete. I also archive the torrents after I get a 1.1 share ratio as it is common to get reseed requests months later.
Ah, interesting piece of additional information you threw in there! I'm not surprised that it behaves weirdly if you're pointing the merging downloads at the same file, in fact I'm surprised that it works are all as concurrent write access to the same file from separate downloads usually throws disk-access errors (read access is fine though) - I guess you deselected the 'Enforce exclusive write access' option...

I can't think of an easy way of fixing this - there's also the 'move-on-complete' option that would potentially require the creation of multiple copies of the file...
OK thanks

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