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Swarm Disappeared
Tools > Plugins > Swarm Discoveries

I must have clicked somewhere accidently and now my swarm discoveries is now blank. Any suggestions how to get it back?


Does View->Swarm Discoveries show you an empty Swarm Discoveries view (in which case perhaps you reset things and it will take time to populate again) or does it not appear at all? If the later go to Tools->Plugins->Swarm Discoveries and ensure that 'enable the swarm discoveries UI' is checked and that 'disable the swarm discoveries subsystem' is *unchecked*
I have Swarm Discoveries on the left panel. The View where I had several hundred listings 'went away'... I guess I did clear or reset. How long you figure for this to repopulate?

The reason I probably reset (accidently) was that I was not getting any new discoveries; last was in July 2014.

Re-population is based on the number of items of content that you have in your Vuze Library and having a working 'DHT' (or distributed database as it is also known) - you can see the state of this in the status area, a healthy DHT has 1-2 million 'users' shown as its size. If this looks ok then it is just a matter of waiting a few hours.
I cant swarm discoveries to come up at all.... please help
hi is there any way after pressing decline by accident to get the swarm feature working again

See Tools->Options->Plugins->Swarm Discoveries for configuration

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