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Suze Installer OS X
When i install Vuze (maybe not but untried) & Cleanup my Applications folder, i can't open Vuze any more.

What does the Vuze installer Do, Installs ? (Java 8)

When i use the Vuze installer it only installs a tiny (255KB), i look in my /library/... folder for a folder containing the Vuze executables & the Java 8 however i can't find any folder containing this.

I have invisible files always visible & i do find a hidden folder in my /Applications/ , .install4j/ it is named. I think this is the installer trash the Vuze installer does not cleanup and i remove this folder. Removing this folder cripples

If the contents of .install4j/ is needed by vuze, i think something is wrong. This folder should not exist, even bot during install. I think you also added an /applications/Uninstall for this, if you place everything inside /applications/ an uninstaller would not be neccesarry, The location of an uninstallr should be on the diskimage (dmg) together with the installer, you unnessecarry clutter the /applications/ folder.

I suggest it contents should be either;
-Inside /Applications/
-In a folder named /Lbrary/Application Support/Vuze/

Deffinetly not in an hidden folder, definetly not inside /Applications/ unless inside /Applications/

I hope this will be looked at & fixed asap. I planned stopping use Vuze until further notice But found a solution myself. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU DON4T HAVE TO SOLVE THIS THOUGH.

My Solution:

Install Vuze (maybe but not tried) - this version installs correctly, all file's are inside the bundle
Try updating, update can't write to file - Why doesnt it ask for my admin password so it can write ???
Copied to my home folder & run + update it from my home folder
    - Vuze updates to & afterwarts to, it also update's it's core, The java jre is not updated
    - Salvaged the Java jre 66 from the Vuze Mess in my trash folder & replaced jre 51 from the updated Vuze
    - edited the plist file so the Vuze version shown in Finder is Not
Replaced the in Applications with the updated one from my Home Folder
I now have a working copy of Vuze in my /Applications
    - Okay it might not be a complete update probably, but i did all i could to make it as complete as possible.

Now i can run Vuze without the installer mess that has no reason to be, i also proof this with my solution. Why did you make such a mess while you only needed to update your working installer from Vuze ??????

My solution is not for the random user, my luck is that i am somewhere between the random & the power user & was able to do this but what i did was delve into places where no normal user should come. Therefor the User need a good installer from you, not a difficult solution from me.

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