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Suffix to incomplete files .az! problem
Hello everyone firstly thank you for this great application many perfect options you have.

I added like 250 torrents in vuze without active Suffix to incomplete files setting.
But i decide to change active this setting right now but when i active it nothing change with my old torrents.They are still with same name for example (abc.mkv). They name are must change automaticly (! ) for incomplete files.

The Reason to i want to change this setting : I want to now which torrent completed which not.

[Note]: When i added new torrent they working perfect it's nice but i want to do same thing with old(before activate setting) torrents.
I hope i can explain my problem .Is there any solution for this setting ?
Best regard !
The setting only applies to new torrents added after the time that you changed the setting - sorry!
parg\ dateline='\'1466651268' Wrote: The setting only applies to new torrents added after the time that you changed the setting - sorry!


I dont want to compare vuze client with others torrent clients , i just want to say bitcomet and utorrent have this option when i add my torrent before or later doesn't matter when i disable the setting automatically changing files name without (.!ut or !.bt ) then when i active automatically putting all torrent files (!.ut or !.bt).I thought vuze have same setting for this option then later omg how can i change 250 torrent names manually very painfull for me :/

So first time i am using vuze and the options amazing really i like this client the best torrent client for me .Will you add this setting or no ? I just wonder ,dont get me wrong...Thank you very much !

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