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Subtitles to the devices
Hello! New on this forum! I have checked on it if there was something about subtitles sent to the external devices...
I have converted some of my video files to watch them through my panasonic TV, is there any way to add subtitles to my videos? I have the subtitles in folders but i can´t figure out how to add them once my video files are converted to see them on my TV...
Thanks for reading and sorry my English...(not my mothertongue...)

Bye! Pablo
Hi Navarre:  To get subtitles to show up in a video transcoded in Vuze Devices, you have to "hard code" the subtitles into the video before transcoding the video in Vuze.

If you're working with .mkv videos, this is actually pretty easy to do.

The first thing to do is to see what sort of subtitles are present in the video (if any).  The best way to do this is to play the video in VLC.  Once the video is playing in VLC, use Tools > Codec Information to see what subtitles are in the video.  If there aren't any, that's OK as long as you have the subtitle file that you wish to use.  The main reason to check things out with VLC first is to make sure that you know WHICH subtitle stream it is that you wish to hard code into the video.

After you've determined the proper subtitle stream, you may close VLC, and then drag the file into mkvmerge (which is part of mkvtoolnix,  Use mkvmerge to "remux" the video so that it includes the subtitle file that you want, while at the same time stripping the video of any unwanted subtitle audio streams.  Simply check the desired subtitle, audio and video streams, and uncheck anything else, and then "mux" the file.  If you want to use an external subtitle file, just drag it into mkvmerge and check it instead of any other subtitle files that may be present.

Once you're done muxing the video, use mkv2vob to hard code the subtitles into the video stream (  Once mkv2vob is done, you can transcode the video in Vuze Devices for your device.

It actually sounds harder than it is.  I'm a big fan of foreign-language films, and this process has worked flawlessly for me.



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