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Strange download speed behavior
So I have been having a very strange issue with Vuze recently. After a period of time, usually 5-10 minutes, global download speeds will slow down to a trickle. This is not in reference to the global d/l cap, just the speeds I am getting. If I manually change the global u/l limit, my speed skyrockets back up to normal, for a while. It doesn't matter if I change it up or down, ANY manual change of global u/l cap effectively resets my d/l speed. is the version, Windows 7x64.

As an example, I loaded up a few Ubuntu relaeses to make sure I had a few torrents going, and was getting around 1.8-2.2 MB/sec on the 4 downloads. About 5 minutes in, the total global download speed was around 300 KB/sec. I was uploading around 250 KB/sec, with my d/l cap unlimited, and my u/l cap at 768 KB/sec.

Manually changing the u/l cap to around 600 KB/sec sent my d/l speeds back to around 2 MB/sec. A couple minutes later, same thing with d/l speed. Moved the u/l cap back to 768 KB/sec, d/l speed went right back up to 2 MB/sec.

This happens with every torrent I process through vuze, and it makes it very challenging to download when I am not in front of the machine. Sometimes the crawl is around 20 KB/sec or less, until I change the u/l cap to anything different, then back to 2+ MB/sec.

I tried unlimited u/l speeds, but the same issue. Auto works poorly, it caps my downloads to horrible speeds when I am on a seed rich torrent and no one wants my bits o' file. Even when not moving at a crawl, manual changes in u/l cap (even when I'm currently uploading way below the cap) boost my speeds back to max.

Is there some setting I can use that will have the same effect as manually changing my u/l cap? Or a script I can run?

I'm more perplexed than unhappy, the issue is repeatable, but it can go up to about 25 minutes before slowing down after the first 'reset' so it's not horrible.




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