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Split window w/ lower detail panel?
I used to be able to get vuze to display downloading files in the top panel the have the lower panel display the details on what ever fle you selected. Is that option gone? I can only get the details in a seperate tab for each download? This is HUGELY inefficiant compared to the old way, 2 panes click down your list of say 20 files takes about 30 seconds to run through your list,  vs what seems to be the only way now, open 20 tabs, select tab, select sub tab/s, close tab, that's at least 80 clicks to accomplish what you used to be able to do in 20, so am I just not finding the option or is it gone?
Well I have the same set up as you do but in my case it is on purpose.

I do not know if you are a Mac, Windows or linux user . . . but on the Mac version if you go to the bottom of the bottom pane/panel . . . click and drag the bottom line up (the line that is above the speed and ratio light, and NAT OK light etc).

I think that is what you are looking for . . . but again I have no idea if that functionality is different between different platforms.

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