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Spanish (esES) translation
Hi, friends!

I updated the Spanish translation (esES version) for Vuze, translating some more strings and improving a few others.

It's getting beautiful! There's still much work to do, though.

Best regards.

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Nice, thanks a lot!
And more updates! :)

This time, plenty of improvements, some major changes and, of course, a few more untranslated strings are now translated! I'm very happy with how good the Spanish translation is finally getting.

You know, today the job was kind of difficult because i18nAZ is behaving weirder every time... It keeps for some reason changing the highlighted area when I'm on the text box, so suddenly I can't keep writing... Sometimes it locks and I can't easily change between strings, because some error message pops up due to improperly detecting the change from “Vuze” to “{}”... Other times it just does nothing when validating the translation, so can't update the string in any way... Also, every new day I start the plugin a lot (like 100) of new JAR or ZIP tiny torrents appear on my Library, where they could stay just forever if I don't do something...

So..., where can I report Internationalize Vuze issues?

I'm still actively working on the Spanish translation, improving and updating it, but it's so hard doing it like this!

Best regards.

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I know there are issues with the plugin - it was extensively reworked by 'Repris d'injustice' but unfortunately I've not seen him around for a while :(

The downloaded files might be coming from the plugin's attempt to help you internationalize plugins that you yourself haven't installed. You can prevent this by going to 

Tools->Options->Plugins->Internationalize Vuze

and deselecting the option.
... and more improvements and updates!

I must say, though, that using the Internationalize plugin is pretty annoying and it usually slows down progress... Sometimes it doesn't let you confirm the translated string, nor do anything else, because some reference is missing, according to some error message... But everything is correct! I think it's related to the {} reference. In addition, there are some broken links to the wiki because of that {} instead of “Vuze”.

Worst yet, sometimes, for some reason, you think you are changing the strings, but they aren't keeping the changes at all! Even when pressing “Validate changes” or Enter... The only solution is restarting Vuze. I think it's something also about the {} thing, since this seems to happen when a string with {} is edited... In fact, there are a couple of strings with that I can't edit because the error message always displays...

And worst of all, I accidentally pressed Supr or something and deleted my whole temp translation, which I couldn't restore no matter what I tried. For that I lost half an hour of work, and other half an hour to redo everything...

Anyway, here it is! I could've made several more improvements today, but all that time I lost because of the buggy plugin...

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Sorry about the plugin, my only excuse is that I didn't write it :( I'll take a look at the {} thing.

Looks like you forgot to attach the translation!
Hello, parg.

The thing is, I'm having a bit of trouble with the forums, too...

I think I attached it, and it's showing for me in my post, after the text. I updated the attachment, maybe that was the problem at the moment.

It's OK about the plugin thing, if nothing can be done in the short term... I understand it. We can learn to deal with it, having patience. And making more backups. :)
Some more improvements.

PS: I noticed there are some English strings missing in the Spanish translation, so I can't translate them...

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Thanks! Which strings are you missing?
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(01-06-2017, 01:55 PM)'parg' Wrote: Thanks! Which strings are you missing?


As far as I've seen, there are three missing strings:

• Download History.
• Removed.
• Find More Like This.

And they are kind of important, because they're very visible. I don't know why they aren't present in the language files, but I'm sure there are more missing...

I attach a few updates more! :)

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.zip (Size: 73.64 KB / Downloads: 1)
Odd, I can only find 'Find More Like This' and 'Download History' in the message file: More Like This...
downloadhistoryview.view.heading=Download History

Not sure about 'Removed' - can't find that outside of the message file either but it is possible I missed one.
(01-07-2017, 10:07 AM)parg Wrote: Odd, I can only find 'Find More Like This' and 'Download History' in the message file: More Like This...
downloadhistoryview.view.heading=Download History

Not sure about 'Removed' - can't find that outside of the message file either but it is possible I missed one.

I definitely can't find them. :s

I was using the latest stable version as I usually don't install the betas anymore, because I get lazy updating and restarting Vuze more often. I then installed the newest beta, and they're not there either...

I made some more improvements:

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