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Hi there,

I'm a regular Vuze user and since I bought my new BRAVIA KDL-42W705B TV VUZE is unable to recoqnize my TV. I have updated VUZE to verison 5.4.0 and trying to search for "device playback"  without any success. It used to show my old Samsung TV without any issues. When setting up my internet onto my TV I made sure that the internet connection (wired) is connected to the same network as my PC. The "media player" of my TV can see "VUZE on KEVIND" (the name of my pc..) but unable to see any files. 

In my PC's control panel I'm able to see the device BRAVIA KDL-42W705B but I'm unable to move any files to any particular folder. Bottemline... In VUZE there are not any playback devices and no matter what I do (clearing firewall etc.) nothing seems to work! Underneath DEVICE PLAYBACK its says "in progress"  - when right-clicking and pressing show devices nothing shows up...

Please advice..

i have two Sony Bravia's when moving to Win8 I had to share each and every parent and child folder until the Tv's picked up VuZe. the latest version of Vuze requires the DVD burner add in to be able to Transcode the files into the device folder, click on DVD burner to add the add-in

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