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Some Tag-Folder issues (edge cases)
Issues number 1
When using Tags, I like to set custom folders and these mostly work.  However I've noticed when using folders outside of the default directory, it won't move these completed files to the directory specified in the tag.

Example: my default directory is “X:\downloads\incomplete”
Most of my tags will have sub directories in there for incomplete downloads.  As long as the files are stored within this path, they will move to the specified “move on complete” directory, as is expected. 

However, if have a tag with initial save directory outside that path, Example: “Z:\incomplete”
It won't move to the specified “move on complete” directory for the tag.

I would the think the tags should have this rule applied based on their own respective default directory based on the tags configured initial save directory instead of the global? 

Issue Number 2
I’ve set “initial Save” and “move on complete” directories for the “untagged” tag, but it seems to be ignored.  Any way to allow this?
There's an option under Tools->Options->Files->Completion moving: only if in default data dir

that you could change.

Not sure about the 'untagged' tag - I'll take a look
I can see a bug with the 'initial save location' on the Untagged tag which I will fix, but 'move on complete' seems to work just fine.
okay, could have been my mistake for the "move on complete",   "thought" I had one not go in, but can't replicate.

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