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SoftLayer P2P Connections Good or Bad?
Recently I've noticed that certain downloads have most of their peers as "BitTorrent 7.8.2" with IP addresses coming from SoftLayer, a hosting company.  I imagine that some people may use a hosting company for P2P, but I doubt that hundreds of them do, and that they all use the same version of BitTorrent!  So, the question becomes, are the connections from them a threat or is someone on SoftLayer (IBM) doing anti-P2P work.  I'm not worried about it since I use a VPN, but if they are not productive I would like to add them to the ip-filters lists somehow.

Here's a screenshot of the problem.  Probably 2/3rds of these will be from SoftLayer Technologies and all of those will be Bittorrent 7.8.2.

Very suspicious!

Is there a way to block based on reverse DNS?  on client/version?

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You can use manual IP filter ranges - Tools->Options->Ip Filters - only works on IP address though

You could probably use some JavaScript to do it based on client version etc:
There's some example script here:

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