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Small file sizes
Had a H/D crash and downloaded Vuze on another computer.  This download will not allow me to download a file larger than 967.1 Mb.  Also the Size and Seeds/Peers column comes on momentarily and then disappears.  Please help.  Previous download worked flawlessly!
What is the format of the HD on the new computer?

FAT32? NTFS? or what.

that is a very odd file size.  BTW I assume you mean 967.1 MB that translates to roughly 1,000,000,000 Bytes which is a number which kind of makes sense but even FAT16 supported file sizes of 4 GB (or roughly 4,000,000,000 Bytes) so I can not imagine what could have happened that would limit you to roughly 1 Billion Bytes.  I can not even easily figure out what HD format limited you to that file size.  But my best guess is something to do with HD format.

How large is the HD?

It could be a weird problem where you have a very large HD (over 4 TB or something) which is formatted in a format which can only recognize a much smaller drive.  But again that is just a guess.

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