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Slow browsing when downloading.
When opening a torrent with more than 1 file I get the option to select what I want to download and I am able to set the bandwidth to High, Normal and something else. I like to select Normal as this lets me continue browsing without slowing my connection down BUT when I add a torrent that has only 1 file I do not get the option of doing this as the torrent starts downloading straight away thus selecting the High setting and slowing down my browsing. So is there any way I can set the bandwidth after a torrent has started to download? Version Using with Win 7
You might try: Right-Click the file (for instance in the Library View). In my case (also, but Win 8) a Dialog opens with options to limit download or upload speeds. I am not sure that this will speed up the Browser response, though, as I am surprised that changing the Priority at the initiation affects it. Good luck!
The best thing to do is to set the maximum speeds in Vuze to be about 85% of your maximum upload and download speed.

The default for all files is normal.  The options are High, normal, low, do not download and numeric. 

All the priority does is effect the order you download the parts of the torrent.  It has no effect on how much bandwidth is used.

For example if there are 5 files and you set 3 of them to high priority and 2 to normal you should get those three high priority files before you get the 2 normal priority files.  There can be extenuating circumstances so it does not always work like that especially when there is only one seeder and that seeder is the initial uploader but that kind of detail is a little off topic.

Again the priorities have nothing to do with how much of your bandwidth that torrent uses.

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