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Shutting down Vuze in order to not get "Vuze did not shutdown cleanly"
I usually close Azureus using file>exit when I want to reboot, shutdown.  However I have now got a UPS because I want to run a raid10 on my motherboard with write caching enabled for performance reasons.  I tested the shutdown signal and the OS shutsdown and I don't think there is any data corruption but I get that warning in the bottom right. 

I was looking in the wiki and there is a page ( that seems relevant but I'm not versed in writing programs in any language; and its suggests a script.  This script would just need to be sent by my shutdown software (I think I can just about handle that side of things), and then a delay inbetween sending the script and actually initiating shutdown should be doable in Eaton's Intelligent Power Protector software.

Also this forums backend is not configured correctly, firefox warns of the site being potentially dangerous because its out of date, and this has been the case since at least 2019 (although fire mentioned 2018).

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