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Settings : is there a way to limit specifically number of connections for download?
Hi All,

I'm a new Vuze use so please forgive me if I'm asking an obvious question :)

I've been going through all the documentation online but couldn't find any hint for this specific topic :
I couldn't find a setting to limit the number of connections used for download on a givent torrent.
In the "Transfer" option panel, there is a :
"Max connections per torrent",
but this setting applies for the sum of download + upload connections.
when I want to limit only download connections.

You may ask why?

The fact is I'd like to be able to be able to seed while downloading, to increase my ratio.
Let's say I've a torrent with zillions of Leechers :
it seems to me that vuze will try to open as many possible connections for dowloading, leaving no possibility to open a connection to upload since the "Max connection per torrent" is exclusively used for download connections :/
This is sad, since if I undersand well what is explained in t411 documentations, we are given priority for upload while we are leechers..
What I observe in my logs is that any time I have a connection attempt to download from me, I've error messages like :
[21:57:25.283] {peer} Peer connection closed: too many existing peer connections [p100/g164, pmx100/gmx400/dmx100]

Is there anything I miss here?

All connections are bi-directional - if you are connected to a peer you can both send and receive data from it at the same time (assuming that you have data that it wants, and it has data that you want)

You could try increasing the number of upload slots available (globally) or per torrent by right-clicking on the download, selecting 'show details' and then going to the 'Options' tab

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