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Select in which folder you would like to download
Hi, guys! I was very surprised when I read that Leap was a beta program, because it works fairly well. But, as any other beta, it would use some features. From my understanding, you would like to keep it as simple as you can for beginners, BUT for advanced users, it would be good to offer them more settings to mess around with.(I don't even know if this expression is used correctly here, lol)
My suggestions: 
1. In the Settings panel, under the download folder selection you could put an option(like a tick-kind of option) to select folder for individual torrents because for control freaks it's heart-attack giving to see a lot of different content in the same folder.  
2. This in my opinion is absolutely necessary: To select what files to download in a torrent. Hipothetically, let's say that someone wants to download the last 5 episodes in a 22-episode season. It's very unconfortable to wait for the 22 episodes to download, then delete 17 of them. 
3. Queueing
4. Download files in order

If these were added, it would make Leap an almost perfect torrent downloading client. :) 

Oh, and I noticed when I registered on this site that it says in Romanian "Scrieti cuvantul aici" for the anti-bot verification. If this was intentional, disregard my comment about it. :)


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