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Seeds reappearing at the top of the list
To the developers - Thanks for this great product - I appreciate the work that has gone into it and the functionality it provides. Now to the problem.

Since the last upgrade I have seeds that are months old coming into the download section, realise they are complete and then dropping back on the top of the seed list. This is frustrating because they get mixed in with stuff I have downloaded and I have to sort them out before I can move what is really current to their new location.

I have stuff I am seeding from years ago and my list has always been in decending date order (even though I sort by order) - now they are all over the place.

It would be great if this could be fixed in an upcoming release of the software.
Does this happen when you start Vuze or does it happen randomly when things are running? I can't think of any recent changes that may have caused this. There is a feature within Vuze that allows other peers to report if they have received an invalid piece, and this can sometimes trigger an automatic recheck to ensure that for whatever reason you're not seeding garbage. But this has been in the product for a long time.

Perhaps if/when it happens again you could check your debug logs in Vuze to see if there's anything relevant?

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