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Seeds Queue themselves....
I have just switched to Vuze after recent updates borked my previous preferred Torrent client, and I have hit a rather odd error that I can find no documentation of.

All Torrents I am seeding will, after about one hour of seeding, go into Queued mode. Nothing I do short of restarting Vuze fixes this. I cannot find any setting which explain it - I have about five active seeds with my maximum active downlaods/torrents both set to 20. All of them seed fine until this occurs, and there are no discernible connection issues prompting the sudden queueing of all my Seeds.

Assistance would be very much appreciated.
Does it do this when there are no peers (leechers) on the torrent? See - in particular the '0 peers' rule
(09-28-2015, 01:04 PM)'parg' Wrote: Does it do this when there are no peers (leechers) on the torrent? See - in particular the '0 peers' rule


It does this regardless of available peers.
Maybe it hit its share ratio?
(09-28-2015, 01:39 PM)'parg' Wrote: Maybe it hit its share ratio?


I have no share ratios set.

Incidentally, I'm currently +67 mintues since last program restart. All previous occurrences have happened within an hour, so this is different.
There are several options that can cause a queued state let me see what I can find.

Transfer in the options/preferences window:

Focus download speed on the head of the downloading queue when download speed limit reached

in the Queue section of the options/preferences window

Pretty much every option  LOL


Queue->Downloading (automatic adjustment of downloading queue position)

Reposition queued downloads to optimize downloading

Queue->Seeding->First priority
 the whole thing

Queue->Seeding->Ignore Rules
the whole thing

There might be others.

It has been so long since I have messed with any of that stuff (and I have messed around with it extensively) that I can not be more specific but I think any of that stuff might be causing a problem.  Read over that stuff and see if any of it looks wrong.  Keep in mind it could be multiple settings.

Good Luck!
I think my issue falls in with this one, as a similar issue. Basically, I'm trying to stop my downloads after they've completed, & possibly during from seeding. Not that I don't want to seed, but my ISP is against any kind of seeding, as the last time I tried to seed a download, I got several warnings from them. What settings do I need to check/change to make sure that I don't seed anything in my library? When I checked under the options, everything was already set to 0, so I'm not sure how/why they were seeding if they weren't supposed to be. Any help with this, would be greatly appreciated.
First off you get warnings through your ISP not from them.  The anti-file sharing folks send you the warning via your ISP.  They are not originated from your ISP.

I do not think there is a way to complete stop seeding . . . but there is a way to grind it to a halt.

In the lower right hand corner of your Vuze window you will see a blue arrow followed by a number.  That number is your current upload speed.

Right click on that number and choose Manual . . . then lower your upload speed to something like 128 kbit/sec or 16 KByte/sec or something similar.  You do not want to make that zero because you still need to send out some data even just to leech.  That will essentially make you upload at a speed very close to 0 ;-).

Having said that you do not need to upload data to get copyright notices all you need to do is download.  So that is not going to do a whole lot.  The only reason that seeding is an added risk is that you stay active in the swarm for a little bit longer . . . the longer you stay active in the swarm the more likely you are to get a copyright notice -- especially if you use public torrent sites.  So you could just stop the torrent the second you are done leeching it . . . that might help a little but it is hardly a panacea.  You can try just using true private sites . . . but again that is not a panacea.

Better yet spend about $40 - $50 a year and get yourself a VPN . . . that will anonymize your connection and copyright notice letters will become a thing of the past.

Check the following (and subsequent) posts for some information about VPN's

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