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Seeding problem
Hi: A while back I downloaded a torrent from a site and was recently asked to reseed if I still had this file on my pc. I do still have the file but since them I have a different computer and a different version of vuze. I didn't keep any backups from old vuze and would like to know how, if possible, would I be able to reseed this torrent. I read that vuze can determine the characterics of the torrent and would automatically figure it all out and I would be able to reseed...but I have no idea on how to approach this matter...thank you.
The easiest way is to redownload the .torrent file and add it back to Vuze.

Once you add it you will see a pop-up similar to this (I have blurred out the details of the torrent but it will look very similar):

[Image: 4pxjnDh.jpg]

After you do that you need to carefully point Vuze to the existing location of the content on your HD.  This can be a little tricky if you have not  re-seeded/cross-seeded/uploaded before.  In that block where you see Save Location: and you see a pull down menu and the Browse button.  Click on Browse to select the existing location

If the data for the torrent is a single file just point Vuze directly at that file.
If the data for the torrent is several files in a folder you need to point Vuze to the parent folder.  Let me explain that more thoroughly.

Let us say that the data looks like this:



Let us say that the Ebook folder is located in:


When you click on browse you want to select:




After you have selected the correct location of the existing files . . . click on OK

If you have selected the location of the existing files correctly you will get a pop-up that looks like this:

[Image: kKNX1dk.jpg]

If you do not get that pop-up you did something wrong!!!  So remove the .torrent file from Vuze (right click and click on the X) and start over.

Vuze will then hash check the existing data for errors and then it will start seeding.

If you have not done this before it is advised that you make a back up copy of the data before starting . . . in case something goes wrong and your good data gets over-written.

Good Luck!


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